Talent Solutions

Recruiting top quality talent requires both time and expertise. Workforce Solutions Group offers strategic solutions that maximize efficiencies during your recruiting process by giving you access to our extensive talent community and dedicating our energies toward achieving your goals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For those who are focused on attracting quality talent…

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a cost-effective recruiting strategy that allows organizations to attract and retain top talent.  Workforce Solutions Group offers clients a full menu of recruitment tools, including project-specific hiring solutions, client-branded media strategies, a dedicated staff, and full or partial human resources management.  We understand that each client has unique needs, so we offer four levels of RPO services to choose from:

  • Level 1: Sourcing Only – base-level service to assist with sourcing candidates and compiling resumes.
  • Level 2: Project – sourcing and screening of candidates from a local level to a nationwide search.
  • Level 3: Hybrid – providing ultimate flexibility with talent management services for temporary and contracting services.
  • Level 4: Comprehensive – full outsourcing of the talent acquisition process with Workforce Solutions Group management from Candidate Sourcing to On-Boarding.

Retained Search

For those needing to attract top level leaders…

Retained Search utilizes targeted recruitment tools to find top-level managers, directors, and C-Level talent capable of energizing, leading, and growing your organization.  This type of professional recruitment identifies individuals with a particular skill set and experience profile to fill a specific need within the company.

Through consultations with the client, Workforce Solutions Group develops a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the position to be filled and the culture of the client.  Each potential candidate undergoes an extensive interviewing process and qualification assessment prior to being introduced to the client.

Talent Management

For those who want to develop a workforce plan to address continued growth…

With successful businesses inevitably comes growth.  It is important to have a strategy for developing your talent to be sure your business is properly staffed with the best professionals at all times. We provide our clients with talent management services, including succession planning and preparation, to acquire talent to accommodate future growth.  With our succession planning services, we will identify and develop internal staff members who have the potential to fill key leadership roles with the company, so that they are prepared to step into those positions as they become available.

Many companies choose to balance succession planning with the planned acquisition of new talent in order to bring fresh ideas into the company’s leadership roles. Workforce Solutions Group ensures that our clients are sufficiently staffed for continued success.

Talent Acquisition Team Evaluation

For those who need to establish efficient and cost-effective hiring cycles…

Sourcing new talent and the acquisition that follows requires skill and expert knowledge in order to ensure the timely hiring of qualified employees. Our quality-driven evaluations help our clients assess the efficiencies of their talent acquisition teams.  We identify a wide range of metrics relevant to our clients, including candidates per hire, passive candidate conversion rates, referrals per call, email conversion rates, passive candidate call back rates, and job posting effectiveness.  

Following a thorough evaluation of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, we identify stumbling blocks and create a path to improved efficiency.


Contingent Workforce Evaluation

For those looking to contain costs and maximize the productivity of a contingent workforce…

To ensure the highest levels of productivity, Workforce Solutions Group provides evaluation of your temporary or flexible workforce.  We assess the efficiency of how the teams are being used and evaluate vendors, markups, and pay grades.  By utilizing comparative metrics, we are able to report to our clients on whether they are getting the most from the dollars they are spending on this workforce.

Following the thorough evaluation of the current status of your contingent workforce, we provide proven solutions to address any issues that keep your company from achieving its highest potential.